Hello! I’m Kelly, and this is my digital portfolio/academic blog! I’ll be posting updates on my schoolwork in the Blog section, as well as uploading some of my work into the Portfolio. I might also occasionally post a book review on the most recent book I’ve read, or an update on how the novel I’m writing is coming along.

Some fun facts about me: I am very into history, and I love learning about how people used to live. This translates directly into my love of reading fiction. I adore reading historical fiction, fantasy, science-fiction – any fiction genre, really – because I love learning about what the characters’ lives are like, and how they respond to their adventures in their own unique way. I also write stories of my own, mostly fantasy. I’m currently working on a series of novels that someday, I hope to publish. Excerpts and other information from said series may show up in the portfolio at some point.  In addition to reading and writing, I consider myself particularly skilled at drawing people in the manga style. I’m also in the marching band – I play marimba and vibraphone in the front ensemble, or “pit.”

Like I said earlier, I’m planning on using this site as a place to keep a record of my school projects and other work. This year, I plan on using this primarily for English class, but as I become more accustomed to blogging and uploading, I’ll probably expand it to some other classes.

This might be a school project, but I’m planning on having a lot of fun with this!