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Haroun Reflection

The project my group did is a Prezi on Allegories. (This link takes you to my file in my Portfolio, which contains the link to the presentation.) We chose Prezi because it was prezifacesomething hardly any of us had used before and we thought it would be cool to play around with it. Despite it being a group project, each of us worked on two or three individual slides. Each of our groups of slides were focused on a central allegory or other topic. At the end, we blended some things into what I think is a fairly good-looking presentation.

I don’t think I’ve done something like this before, in any grade. We were to focus on things like satire and allusion, but we spread our focus over many of them, trying to soak up as much information as possible. Looking back, that doesn’t seem to be very effective. There are always so many things under just one lens alone, and trying to pick up on every little detail was difficult. The way we did it this year was a lot more streamlined.

A very fancy graphic design lens, representing my mind being blown

I really liked how we only had to focus on one lens while we were reading. I was able to ignore the details that didn’t pertain to Allegory while I was reading. I was able to focus on the story, while also dissecting it a little. Then, at the end, we got to see the new revelations my classmates came up with. That was the best part – I could sit back and let my mind be blown from everything the other groups had found out.

For design-specs projects, our class uses a rubric that grades the project by Beauty, Relevance, Poignancy and Uniqueness, all out of 5-8 points. (I tried uploading it here, but that didn’t work out so well… I’m not computer-savvy…) If I were a teacher, I’d say I did well in the Beauty category because it’s visually pleasing and streamlined, but, you arabiannightsknow, not anything fabulously creative or exceedingly clever. Several of my classmates mentioned on their blogs that they thought our presentation was one of the more enlightening with regards to deeper meanings in Haroun and the Sea of Stories, so I guess it’s pretty Relevant. With Poignant… I don’t know if it ‘pierces the mind and heart,’ but like I said just now, it’s enlightening. And I think it’s Unique. We did an alright job there.

The future

I feel like we could have ended the Prezi a little cleaner. It seems sort of abrupt, even if I put that 1001 Arabian Nights reference in, but we didn’t have very much time because the class period was ending and all. I also think we could have worked together a little more, blended our slides better.
If this is how we read books in English class this year, I’m hype. It’s a lot of fun and I feel like I can delve into the story better by focusing on one lens. Looking forward to more of this in the future!



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