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Plunging into 20% Time

My project is to write scenes set in my story world that highlight specific aspects of government or economics – normally bland topics – and transform them into something that the modern young adult fiction follower will find intriguing. I’ll also do the same based off of social issues.
The writing part will be a piece of cake once I get my research done for each topic.

The issue that has already arisen is finding said research.lightbulbs

I originally planned on using this website, The Finer Times, for most of my information. It has large lists of many topics regarding the Middle Ages. However, I soon came to realize the website did not have such detailed lists for any other time period that I could draw off of – no European absolutism, Tudor England, or the like.
So I was run aground.

I’ve compiled a document that has nothing but links under headings of all the topics I plan to write on. Currently, most of my more reliable links came from the pages of the website I mentioned before, but I’ve been doing some in-depth Google surfing to find little scraps of information I could possibly use. Currently, I’m not doing very well in general.

I plan on widening my searches from just, say, “How did countries in the 16th century negotiate treaties and trade policies” to “How do countries in general negotiate.” I’ll see what I can find about modern foreign government interactions and compare it to what woeful little I have on Middle Ages diplomacy. I also might look into pulling some books out of the school library. I’ve also considered scouring my old history notebooks for events in history that I could look into further for the information I need.

Sometimes, you just gotta get creative.


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