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Still 20% of my Time

I’m still pretty much at the same point as I was a week ago. I’ve been busy and I haven’t done much work, regrettably. I have, however, begun assigning what scenes I might write with each topic. I just wrote a few lines down of what characters I could use and what they would be doing. That’s going pretty well.

I think I’ll definitely be able to create my deliverable scenes in the times given. I just need to make sure I focus on this 20 time project so I don’t keep planning on working on it “later” and realizing I’m behind.list

For now, it doesn’t seem like I’ll need anyone else’s help. I might consider going to a European history teacher at my school for historical tips and leads, but I’ll get to that later. (But I really probably will, this time…). It’s just a very individual project, and I like simply Google searching and reading by myself.

Still collecting my research. I’m planning on posting a couple of my scenes onto my Portfolio page just to get some of my work out there.


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