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Final Preparations

I haven’t done much this past week besides collect a few more links. I think for the time being, I have enough information on each topic to build my scenes off of.

Three questions I will be using as a base for my project – What social issues are universal, and can be exposed in a medieval story setting? How can I get my writing out into the community? How could I share my writing with, and get feedback from, other students in school? (I think further into the project, these questions will become a little more relevant, seeing as I don’t actually have any writing to share at the moment.)

docNext week, I plan on making my first written scene, with the topic of medieval economy. I’ll just read up on the articles I collected about the guild system, wealth, and currency this week, gather my ideas, and put something down on paper.
I’ll also make a new document that will collect some links about various social issues. I have a few scenes in mind that I can make some points out of. Though our projects are supposed to be centered around one social issue, my scenes will most likely end up touching multiple issues instead.

Everything I create will eventually show up on my portfolio. Now, we get into the fun stuff…


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