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readingWriting disconnected scenes is difficult.
I’ve started my first one, and the difficulty comes from the fact that I have to fit everything I want to say about the guild system into natural interactions between characters. I feel like it might come out a little forced, but I’m plowing through. For future reference, I think working in social issues will be easier, so I’ll stick with those and work in the other random topics if I can.
I’ll finish that scene today or tomorrow, hopefully, and it’ll be up on my portfolio soon after.

In class on Thursday, we presented our 20 Time projects to our classmates and a couple teachers. The presentations themselves were effective. I got feedback from people in class that I already knew, and they all have different interests and outlooks that gave me a wide range of perspectives. The same was with the teachers who dropped in to watch. I got an adult’s point of view of my project, and since they didn’t know me well, it was honest and constructively critical.
x mapMost people said they liked my idea, and were interested in where it was going. The issue of a mentor came up when I was taking questions, and I got the idea to reach out to real, published fantasy authors and get writing advice from the pros. I think that would be really cool, and I’m sure I could get loads of great advice.

concertA really interesting idea came up during presentations. One of my classmates, for her 20 time project, mentioned that she’d like to put on a small concert or performance in a book store or other area. She threw out the idea that other people in my class could use that event as a place to get our work out into the community. I think that that could be the forum I’ve been thinking about for sharing my writing with people. I’ll look into that. (This is the link to my classmate’s blog, Adventures of a Teenage Dreamer)

Here is a general planning outline for my entire project. Each date will have a blog post.
March 21 – first scene written, posted on portfolio.
April 4 – have another scene or two written. Best one goes on portfolio. Start looking for author mentors.
April 18 – have four or five total scenes written. Worst or weakest go on portfolio. Have a couple authors chosen for contacting.
May 2 – have six scenes written. All new ones posted. Revise a scene or two and repost it. Email or otherwise contact authors. Start looking into writer’s forums or community readings, or things like that.
May 16 – have seven or eight scenes. Post best ones. Keep looking for forums.
May 30 – end of project! Hopefully have responses from authors by now. Print out all scenes and staple into little packet to submit as product. Keep an eye out for readings or writer’s sessions over the summer. Any unpublished scenes go on portfolio.


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