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Finally on a Roll

First 20 Time scene is up on my portfolio, focusing on the social issue of corruption of law enforcement!

Dangerous Disguise, as I’ve dubbed it, follows the account of the narrator, who is the teenage daughter of a family of notorious thieves in a kingdom based loosely off of France. Theft and crime is their lifestyle, and they like it. However, they’re always on the run from the Royal Inspectors, an institution somewhat like a cross between modern police forces and the Spanish Inquisition. They’re meant to be the king’s elite force, keeping the cities safe from crime. But they are not as wholesome as they let on.
In the scene, our narrator attends a fancy ball with the sole intention of robbing some nobles blind and having some fun on a Friday night. However, she soon realizes she shares the room with Jenna LaRue, a young teen Inspector who has been trying to track down our narrator’s family for years. With the right nudge, Jenna goes off on a rant outlining the corruption of the Inspectors. She works hard and loves her job, but not all Inspectors share her devotion to justice, and some commit moral crimes of their own.

Names have been omitted and changed for copyright’s sake. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now, I must keep it up. I’ve written some more scenes down in a notebook, so hopefully, I’ll be able to simply transcribe them onto my portfolio when I need to.

Feedback on my scene is accepted! (Just take into account that it’s a small piece of a much larger plot).


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