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Finally on a Roll (part 2)

Here’s the school aspect of 20 Time.

What am I learning? The benefits of planning ahead. I’ve mentioned that I have some scene ideas lined up and ready to be written, and that’s taking stress off my shoulders. Also, by doing this, I’m learning about the world I’ve created. I’m delving deeper into my storyland and unearthing new aspects of its society.
I actually highly recommend this scene-by-disconnected-scene approach to writing. It’s like I’m an early American western explorer – I know that there’s land out there in my world, but I have no idea what exactly I’ll discover next.

listMy three questions for the project were, what social issues are universal, and can be exposed in a medieval story setting? How can I get my writing out into the community? And how could I share my writing with, and get feedback from, other students in school? For the first, I’ve targeted some in my writing notebook, ranging from militarization to workplace discrimination to terrorism, even teen pregnancy and LGBT rights. I have scenes planned out that I can write around those topics. For the second, it’s been confirmed that our class will be using a local bookstore to present our various projects to the community, and I’m really excited about that. But for the last… I’m not sure. I might just use this blog and share it with my friends and the school poetry club. That’s as wide a school audience I think I can get before the bookstore thing.

The writing hype is real…


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