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Enter the Spin-Off Novels

I’d like to clarify something, before I put some new 20 time scenes on my portfolio.

I am writing my story, with its three books. That has not changed. However, I am exceedingly ambitious about my story world, and I have drawn up plans for multiple little spin-off, standalone books. I call them the Nine Kingdoms Novels, and I will refer to them as “the NKN’s” or “my novels.” I just formed characters and plunked them down in various places within my story world, and they’ve stuck.

I apologize in advance for any confusion. I don’t ask for story ideas to pop into my head. Ideally, I’d stay focused on my main trilogy, and not bother with entire casts of new characters wandering around my mind!

Most of my 20 time scenes will come from these spin-offs. The one I have uploaded already, Dangerous Disguise, is an excerpt of one of these NKN’s. The reason for this is that the plot of my main story is firmly molded around a lack of social issues. I didn’t take them into consideration when I conceived that idea, and I don’t feel like changing everything. However, the NKN’s are a fairly recent development in relation to the timeline of my story world, and most of their plots contain social issues.

I’ll specify where my scenes fall when I post them. I regret the complication of this whole ordeal. Even as I wrote this blog post, I started mixing up the terminology – and I’m supposed to be the one who has it all organized!


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