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One of Those Blog Posts You Just Relate To

This is a blog post by Gail Post on the topic of gifted students and overthinking. I read this post and instantly found that I relate to the section titled “Too Many Choices.” I’m not a worrying overthinker, I’m an overthinker with way too many ideas. This shows in how I map out my stories – in the past month, I’ve drawn-up countless pieces of paper into at-a-glance encyclopedias of personalities and appearances of every single character in every one of my invented stories (which came out to around 50… eek!). I’ve outlined all of my NKN’s with their respective character lists, significant plot points, incorporated social issues, and even the books, movies and other media that I’ve drawn inspiration from for that particular story.

That’s overthinking. Big time.

I’ve started to actually work on my 20 time scenes and even my book itself since discovering this, with the mindset that in order to continue editing my story, I actually need words on paper to edit. That’s gone quite well and it’s very satisfying to fill up a word doc with beta information.
And so, to all the gifted students and overthinkers out there, some wise words from the whiteboard of my English class…



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