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I’ve uploaded two more scenes onto the Portfolio – #2, Powder Keg, and #3, A Thief’s Commentary.
#3 is set in the same spin-off story as Dangerous Disguise, with the same narrator. It focuses on the social issue of militarism, or the glorification of the army (or in this case, the society’s law enforcement). #2 is part of my main story. It’s a scene that I cut out of the actual manuscript a while back, and I played around with it and edited it. It focuses loosely on the social class split. I discovered it while going through some old documents, and I freshened it up to put on my portfolio.
As always, named have been changed for privacy.

Moving forward, I will continue writing and trying to remember to put things on my portfolio. I’ve gotten back into writing my main story, so I’m hype for that. It’s the end of the Getting Ready era – time to Get Started.


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