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Winding Down

20 time scene 5, Expelled, now graces my portfolio (I apologize for the late post). The main character is a squire (or knight-in-training) who goes to a “school” to become a knight. The school is headed by Sir Duncan, a knight. However, the kingdom has strong views on people who use magic – they are seen as dangerous, volatile, and unfit to be knighted into the king’s army, which is what the squires train for.
The main character, Nathaniel, uses magic in secret.

This is my last post for my 20 Time project. I’m pleased at how it went.

School’s out now. Theoretically, I won’t be asked to post anymore, but I really like my blog and I’ll probably use the blog section to post writerly things and updates on my story. The portfolio won’t be stocked with so many things, unless I write a really great essay and feel like showing it off.

So what does this all mean?

  1. More writing advice and story updates
  2. More focused post topics
  3. No more mandatory reflections on in-class reading material! Woo hoo!

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