About Me


Ever played sixteenth note mallet runs at 135 beats per minute – while holding two mallets in each hand? I have! If you’ve seen marching bands, you’ve probably seen the people in the very front who don’t actually march, but instead push huge instruments around. That’s what I play – marimba (just like the Apple ringtone) and vibraphone (yes, a ‘vibraphone’ is an actual instrument).
I’m also part of the Indoor Percussion ensemble at my school. Obscure as it sounds, it’s a real school club, and it’s loads of fun. It’s just like the marching band, except with only the Pit and the Drumline, and we march indoors, in the gym. Playing at full volume. You could imagine how loud it gets!


When I’m not at rehearsals, I’m reading and writing. For¬†some background on the story I’m working on, see My Story. I also have a Wattpad account –¬†omega_owl – where I write fanfiction for anime and books.